«Ouroboros of Love»

Height 12 cm, width 21 cm, глубина 11 cm
Year of creation: 2017

Description of the artwork

«Ouroboros of Love»
The sculpture «Ouroboros of Love» is a union of opposites of heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang work together and are always in harmony. «The Ouroboros of Love» speaks of purity, integrity and infinity, the cyclic nature of the universe and the path to the Sun, eternity and infinity, especially the cyclic nature of life: alternation of creation and destruction, life and death, constant rebirth and death. embodiments of life and fertility. In addition, it represents an enduring cycle of time and immortality, the «Ouroboros of Love», the embodiment of integrity, a complete life cycle, a symbol of the unity of all things.
Material : injection molded plastic, tinted silver.
Podium: artificial stone «Galaxy».
If the material is «bronze», then the cost of the sculpture will be more. You can order an enlarged version of the sculpture. For a park fountain or decorative pond. This option will successfully emphasize the idea and show the meaning of the work. As shown in the sketches. The price is negotiable.

Artwork ««Ouroboros of Love»», Sculpture at style Surrealism, Round, Height 12 cm, width 21 cm, глубина 11 cm.