Height 60 cm, width 18 cm, глубина 25 cm
Year of creation: 2023

Description of the artwork

The author's sculpture «LEDA» 2023
Leda is a character in ancient Greek mythology. According to Ovid, she had beautiful black hair and snow-white skin.
The daughter of the Aetolian king Festius and Eurythemis, the wife of the king of Sparta Tyndareus. It is mentioned in the Iliad (III 384) and The Odyssey (XI 298)[9].
But not only Tyndareus was captivated by Leda's beauty. Zeus himself coveted the queen of Sparta. Once on the Eurot River, Leda saved a swan being chased by an eagle from imminent death. But it turned out that the swan is a reincarnated Eagle of Zeus - Aphrodite who helped him get close to the earthly beauty. Leda covered the swan, feeling sorry for him, on her knees, and fell asleep. During the dream, Zeus possessed her.
Leda laid two eggs and the fruit of their union was Polydeucus and Elena.
Some people compare the name of Leda with the name of the goddess Leto and explain it in the sense that initially Leda was the personification of the night, the mother of the luminaries.
Injection molded plastic, metal, wood,tinting.
Modeling, casting, tinting.

Artwork ««LEDA»», Sculpture at style Romanticism, Round, Height 60 cm, width 18 cm, глубина 25 cm.