Height 55 cm, width 20 cm, глубина 20 cm
Year of creation: 2023

Description of the artwork

«Dream» 2023.

I'm letting go of my dreams.
Let the light and shadow fly into the sky.
Like butterflies flying away into the distance
Not for long, for an hour or a day.

Gentle wings are wonderful movements,
I can't tear my gaze away.
I'm standing on the edge of revelation,
And I look, and I look, and I look.

Transparent tears rolled down,
I was overcome with excitement.
Like all my secrets and dreams ,
Flew by touching you.

Irina Nakusova.

Material: Injection molded plastic, tinted bronze.
If the material is metal (bronze), the cost of the sculpture will be higher and will be calculated on request.
Podium: artificial stone «Galaxy».

Artwork ««Dream»», Sculpture at style Romanticism, Round, Height 55 cm, width 20 cm, глубина 20 cm.

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