«The Tree of Wisdom»

Height 34 cm, width 13 cm, глубина 14 cm
Year of creation: 2012

Description of the artwork

«The Tree of Wisdom»
Elephant - symbolizes wisdom and strength. A symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. The tree symbolizes the central axis of the world, which connects heaven and earth, man and the path to spiritual heights; cycles of life, death and rebirth; the universe and its processes of eternal renewal; hidden wisdom, and mysterious laws of being.
Sculpture for home, salon, gallery, workplace.
Material: injection molded plastic, tinted bone, silver or bronze.
If the material is «bronze», the cost of the sculpture will be more.

Artwork « «The Tree of Wisdom»», Sculpture at style Surrealism, Round, Height 34 cm, width 13 cm, глубина 14 cm.