Melody of Love

Height 36 cm, width 40 cm, глубина 10 cm
Year of creation: 2012
12 744.54 $

Description of the artwork

Melody of Love 2012 year bronza H 36x40x10 cm 12000$
it is a painted plaster sculpture. If there are those who want to buy this sculpture,
I can cast a sculpture from bronze within one month and send it to any melancholy
in the world. We can discuss the color of bronze with the buyer at his discretion.

Artwork «Melody of Love », Sculpture at style Surrealism, Monumental, Height 36 cm, width 40 cm, глубина 10 cm.
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Anna Kovaleva
Anna Kovaleva
03 April 2018, 09:45
Красивая и тонкая работа, настоящая мелодия любви двух сердец, мне очень нравится видение автора