«The beginning of all beginnings»

Height 21 cm, width 11 cm, глубина 11 cm
Year of creation: 2015

Description of the artwork

«The beginning of all beginnings»
According to legend, Brahma was born in water, into which Vishnu put his seed, which later turned into a Golden Egg, a kind of cosmic embryo. From this golden egg Brahma was born. Mentally, he split the egg in half. From one half he created the sky, the Divine sphere, from the other - the earth and all living things.
Sculpture for home, salon, gallery, workplace.
Material: molted plastic, tinted gold or bonze.
If the material is «bronze», the cost of the sculpture will bi more.

Artwork ««The beginning of all beginnings»», Sculpture at style Surrealism, Round, Height 21 cm, width 11 cm, глубина 11 cm.