«The Materialization of the Buddha»

Height 34 cm, width 28 cm, глубина 15 cm
Year of creation: 2015

Description of the artwork

«The Materialization of the Buddha»
«Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form and emptiness are not separable.» The Buddha in his absolutely indestructible, and therefore fearless state, outside of space-time and any restrictions, is the pure state of true reality. The Buddha manifests all forms in order to benefit all beings. He has the ability to do what is necessary at the right time in the right place, as well as sympathetic, spontaneous and effortless behavior in accordance with the four types of enlightened activity: - pacifying - inspiring - enriching - protecting.
Material: Injection molded plastic, tinted bronze.
Podium: stone.
If the material is bronze. The cost of the sculpture will be more.

Artwork « «The Materialization of the Buddha»», Sculpture at style Surrealism, Round, Height 34 cm, width 28 cm, глубина 15 cm.