«Airavata» or «Risen from the waters»

Height 39 cm, width 27 cm, глубина 12 cm
Year of creation: 2015

Description of the artwork

«Airavata» or «Risen from the waters»
In Indian mythology, the progenitor of all elephants is Airavata «Risen from the Waters», the divine white elephant. According to one version of the ancient myth, Airavata appeared from the World Ocean during its churning by the gods and asuras; According to the second, he was born together with seven other elephants from the shell of the golden World egg of Brahma. The elephant brothers then became the guardians of the eight sides (directions) of the world, and Airavata, by virtue of his primacy and exclusivity, became the patron of the East. The divine white elephant Airavata was a fighting and riding animal of the Supreme god of thunderstorm Indra, which is why he was associated with fruitful tropical downpours.
Manufacturing options. Material: Bronze Resin, Silver Resin. The tusks are plexiglass. If the material is silver or bronze, the cost of the sculpture will be more.

Artwork ««Airavata» or «Risen from the waters»», Sculpture at style Surrealism, Round, Height 39 cm, width 27 cm, глубина 12 cm.