Canvas on a stretcher
Height 70 cm, width 90 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2021
You can order the author to create a copy of the picture.

Description of the picture

Pastoral means «shepherd's» in French. In this picture, the pastoral is presented in an unusual form. We are in the air! Right in the clouds. The steam mixes with the clouds, you can see a little of the sky. The shepherdess carefully leads a small herd of goats along thin structures. The girl turns around: is someone behind or is there another enterprise?

Artwork «Pastoral», Painting at style Romanticism, Oil, Height 70 cm, width 90 cm.
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Roman Ivanishchev
Roman Ivanishchev
27 December 2022, 22:00
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