Canvas on a stretcher
Height 85 cm, width 67 cm
Presence of frame: yes
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2008

Description of the picture

St. Petersburg 2009-th year declared by UNESCO year 200 years since the birth of N. V. Gogol
The administration of the Moscow region and the Central Bank of the Moscow region organize a competition of works of fine art by professional artists dedicated to the life and work of the writer.authors are invited to participate with works of various genres and trends, thematically related to the work and biography of N. In. Gogol. In the Exhibition hall of the Moscow region (PL. Chernyshevsky, 6) will be an exhibition of works that took part in the competition. Participation is free of charge, on a competitive basis, the Exhibition hall will issue a booklet of the exhibition Conditions: 1. The work must be completed and signed. 2. Works must be submitted for selection to the administration of the exhibition hall no later than February 15. Tel. 368 10 32 W. - Fri. (from 10.00 to 15.00) Vera Klochkova, Tatiana Gavrina e-mail: cbshall@yandex. EN
Hello and happy New Year!

Dear author, we were very impressed by Your work! Dear, Vera your energetic and bold brush is worthy of a larger exhibition than the regional Exhibition hall, for example, the exhibition for the anniversary of Gogol in the Arena. We do not want to belittle the dignity of our other exhibitors, but against the background of Your extraordinary and more than professional works, the work of some of them may somewhat fade or not attract the proper attention of the audience (to Gogol's theme).

Thank you for the offer, but we are forced not to accept it and are waiting for an invitation to your exhibitions.

Artwork «BlackMikola», Painting at style Surrealism, Oil, Height 85 cm, width 67 cm.