Thumbelina 's Braid

Height 70 cm, width 50 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the artwork

Thumbelina 's Braid

Materials: alcohol ink, synthetic paper, alcohol, varnish
Size: 50x70 cm

Interior painting from the series «Thumbelina» in lilac and pink tones. The work was done with alcohol ink on high-density synthetic paper. Delicate in scale and composition. Very feminine and light, as if about to melt. Suitable for the interior in beige, pink, lilac, gray, white, looks interesting in blue. It will help to fill the space above the headboard, work or dining table, bedside table, between windows and doors.

It is included in standard frames of 50x70 cm, which can be purchased in home goods stores or on marketplaces. To increase the size of the picture, use a larger frame with a passepartout, where the passepartout window is 50x70 cm. You can order a passepartout in any baguette workshop.

Colors: Pink, Lilac, White, Gray

Artwork «Thumbelina 's Braid», Graphics at style Abstractionism, Watercolor , Height 70 cm, width 50 cm.