Tropical Leaf

Height 100 cm, width 70 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the artwork

Tropical Leaf

Materials: alcohol ink, synthetic paper, alcohol, liner, varnish
Size: 70x100 cm

A large interior painting in alcohol ink with fine graphics on the borders. A floral abstraction in a calm blue-green scale, reminiscent of a carved tropical leaf. Soft watercolor gradients, natural glossy texture, gray haze, turning into «blue succulents» and «drying» yellow edge. Decorated with a black «pigtail» graphics along the lines of ink dissolved in alcohol. It has a light airy image that fills the atmosphere with the «smell» of tropical rain. It can be placed vertically and horizontally. It is suitable for the design of a large decorative area, for example above the headboard of a bed or sofa. The painting is made with alcohol ink without metallic, so it will fit perfectly into both an elegant feminine interior and a loft.

Artwork «Tropical Leaf», Graphics at style Abstractionism, Watercolor , Height 100 cm, width 70 cm.