Mixed (combined) painting technique
Canvas on fiberboard
Height 91 cm, width 170 cm
Presence of frame: yes
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the picture

The canvas immerses us in the secrets of the inner processes of human thinking, as if you are watching what is happening there in the depths of the nervous system. Here is a neuron, with its numerous processes, connections that literally permeate the body.
The electrics of thought flow in golden flashes through the channels of this amazing cell. The image may seem static at first, but this is an illusion, as soon as the viewing angle changes, dynamics, visible movement appears.
Upon closer examination, an image of a pigeon appears, a clean, iridescent silhouette of a flying bird, and a completely different kind of electrics emanates from it, as if it cuts the canvas with a bright ray of silvery white light.
This picture symbolically tells us how one pure Word of God changes the very structure of the cell. Changes are bound to happen, because light always transforms the space in which it appears. The wisdom of Solomon 16:12 «It was not grass or plaster that healed them, but Your all-healing word, O Lord.»
The appearance of the bird image itself is unusual, since no one noticed this silhouette at the beginning of work on the canvas, it appeared only when additional shades were applied to the three-dimensional image, emphasizing this volume.
Surprisingly, this work is able to strengthen prayer simply by its presence in the room, it changes the energy of space, reviving even plants that are nearby, because the scripture obtained for this image is Heb. 4:12 «For the word of God is alive and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword: it penetrates to the separation of soul and spirit, compositions and brains, and judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart»

Artwork «Word», Painting at style Expressionism, Mixed (combined) painting technique, Height 91 cm, width 170 cm.

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1 comment
Dmitriy Belyy
Dmitriy Belyy
01 November 2022, 10:03
Очень красивая и необычная работа. Действительно, оказывает какое-то магическое действие.