The way to heaven

Mixed (combined) painting technique
Canvas on fiberboard
Height 83 cm, width 150 cm
Presence of frame: yes
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the picture

The canvas embodies the prototype of human destinies, always a winding line of life, and at each segment new events, the road, like the struggle of light and darkness. Sometimes the colors thicken so much and it seems that there is no way out at all, but then light appears, and the severity of the problems is forgotten or disappears as if it never happened. But God is always there for a person throughout his life. It is no accident that the picture is filled with a golden scale, many shades of gold flowing into one another, ready to pour out at any moment «Call to me..», the colors scream «and I will hear ..». Sometimes unnoticed, but timely, loving intervention illuminates life with a bright light. There are a lot of symbols here, and everyone who looks at it finds something of their own, and the longer you look, the more you see the amazing revelations of this canvas, silhouettes, faces, numbers, images. Of course, a special place is occupied by the overflowing, whether it is the speaking blood of the Savior, bursting into the darkest moments, it wins, gives strength, hope, faith, burns pain and light breaks through.
And here he is, he is a golden ascent, the victory of life, and here awaits the reward, Blessings, the Hand of God in your destin

Artwork «The way to heaven», Painting at style Abstractionism, Mixed (combined) painting technique, Height 83 cm, width 150 cm.

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