Mixed (combined) painting technique
Canvas on fiberboard
Height 65 cm, width 50 cm
Presence of frame: yes
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the picture

This painting is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, an incredibly deep meaning is hidden in it, mysterious and at the same time loud. Probably everyone is used to the images of the Trinity on icons, but here the Lord is revealed in the symbolism of one of the modernist trends in painting - «cubism», and this is something mystical, something amazing and completely not standard.
The mighty image of God appears in shining gold, he is hidden in his heavenly abode, which is elegantly emphasized, as if by a limiting strip of heavenly color. The prototype of Jesus, copper sprinkled with red blood that was shed for people on the ground, and access to it is open, the limiting strip, as if it had melted, on one side.
And in the center of the composition is a Black circle, it's not difficult to guess at all, it's a symbolic image of human life, a whirlpool, a whirl.
In the upper right corner there is a seemingly insignificant scattering in the form of an explosion of gold and copper of different shades. But this is the mysterious person of the Holy Spirit, incomprehensible in its depth - the third hypostasis of the trinity. He, the one who lives here on earth among us, is accessible and loving, omnipresent and powerful, supernatural and incredibly attractive in his simplicity.
There is so much incomprehensible, mysterious depth in this work, it lowers the presence of the sky, supernatural things into your life, completely changing the atmosphere around you, it seems that this image is able to produce some special kind of energy that fills those present.

Artwork «triune », Painting at style Abstractionism, Mixed (combined) painting technique, Height 65 cm, width 50 cm.

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