«Two Frogs»

Height 23 cm, width 18 cm, глубина 13 cm
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the artwork

Author's artwork «Two Frogs»: wooden base (pine), author's ceramics, glass, decorative stones (granite), painting: acrylic under the varnish. Sizes: height - 23 cm, length - 18 cm, width - 13 cm. This is a sculptural composition of two similar but different frogs sitting back to back. One of them looks up, the other looks down, one of them has a lower lip protruding forward, the other has an upper lip (as in a children's joke about two frogs in the rain, one of which dripped on the lip, and the other did not drip).

Artwork ««Two Frogs»», Sculpture at style Naive Art, Round, Height 23 cm, width 18 cm, глубина 13 cm.