Height 31 cm, width 14 cm, глубина 13 cm
Year of creation: 2022

Description of the artwork

Author's artwork: wooden base (pine), author's ceramics, glass, suede. Painting: acrylic under the varnish. Sizes: height - 31 cm, length - 14 cm, width - 13 cm. In the old days, the Chur was a boundary sign between fields and land plots, was carved out of wood with an axe and was designed to protect the allotment from encroachments of neighbors and enemies. Until now, in the Russian language, this name is present in the roots of words such as «chock» (that is, a roughly hewn log), in the expressions «chur, mine!» and «chur me, chur!», as well as in the expression «too much» (that is, excessively, through some facet or border, the symbol of which Chur was, guarding it). In some ancient beliefs, the Chur also acted as a symbol of some kind of higher justice, playing the role of an all-seeing observer who «counts everyone», in life or posthumously. Thus, Chur is a harsh character, but fair and incorruptible, a border guard.

Artwork «Chur», Sculpture at style Naive Art, Round, Height 31 cm, width 14 cm, глубина 13 cm.