fairy of flowers

Height 186 cm, width 106 cm, глубина 120 cm
Year of creation: 2021

Description of the artwork

The fiower fairy sculpture is made in the bionic technique, it is an organic interweaving of forns that create a romantic image of a fairy girl from branches, leaves andflowers. In front of us, the fairy froze in a moment of emotional excitement, she looks at the bright world of flowers surrounding her, which she creates herself end is a part of it.

Artwork «fairy of flowers», Sculpture at style Romanticism, Round, Height 186 cm, width 106 cm, глубина 120 cm.

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Ekaterina Tihonova
Ekaterina Tihonova
01 March 2023, 10:07
Вроде бы обычный металл, а сколько жизни в этой композиции. Автору браво! Это как нужно чувствовать свою работу