Two orchids

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 100 cm, width 80 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2015

Description of the picture

An orchid is not only a plant with unusual, delicate flowers created by nature. For centuries people believed in its unearthly origin, composed legends and tales, associated with mysticism. To bring love and beauty is the main meaning of the orchid in the modern world, however, the plant's value is also affected by its color.
White - a symbol of creativity, helps people clearly feel the benefits and harm of their own words and deeds. In addition, the flower of white color is associated with such concepts as purity, innocence and tenderness.
Pink - her goal is to fill a person's life with beauty, pleasure and to get rid of all sorts of problems and troubles. Purple - a symbol of deification, admiration and worship.

Artwork «Two orchids», Painting at style Expressionism, Oil, Height 100 cm, width 80 cm.