«Letter to Kandinsky. Four seasons. Winter».

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 100 cm, width 110 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2018
3 809.21 $

Description of the picture

The picture is included in the art project «Correspondence with great people». In this project, the artist shows the viewer his public correspondence with great people
which is not on paper, but on canvas.
Are great people answering to artist? How do they do this?
Nobody knows, but it's just hard to get rid of the feeling,
that they're all watching us all the time...
Dedicated to those who have dreamed all his life, but by force of circumstances and could not walk on the carpet of autumn leaves, enjoying their soft rustling, long look to the flying shoals of migratory birds and languish sweet sorrow. Dedicated to those who still have it all ahead.

Artwork ««Letter to Kandinsky. Four seasons. Winter». », Painting at style Lettrism, Oil, Height 100 cm, width 110 cm.
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Dasha Abramovich
Dasha Abramovich
20 February 2019, 10:56
Данная картина просто влюбила в себя, краски красивые и сочетаются замечательно, на мой взгляд она подойдет как для работы, так и для дома. Цена за такую красоту разумная. Автор молодец.