Flower Saleswoman

Height 40 cm, width 30 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2014
Sold 550.51 $
You can order the author to create a copy of the picture.

Description of the artwork

Razor. Black photo paper. I cut the photo paper levels with a razor, and when the desired color was obtained, I begin to create a picture.

Artwork «Flower Saleswoman», Graphics at style Realism, Linocut, Height 40 cm, width 30 cm.
Kamilla Adamova
Kamilla Adamova
26 April 2018, 20:11
Что-то в этой картине есть, мне нравится нежная палитра красок и четкая графичность мазков.
Martin Ashkhatoev
Martin Ashkhatoev
26 April 2018, 23:02
Благодарю Камила!