Height 42 cm, width 60 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2023
Sold 364.11 $
You can order the author to create a copy of the picture.

Description of the artwork

I was lucky - I had dogs when I was a kid. Two. They were blood brothers - They were born on the same day to our neighbor's dog.
We were given one puppy first, and after a while we were given a second puppy. They lived with our cows and never knew what a collar or fenced enclosure was.
They were two free and loose dogs. They herded their own cows, though no one had taught them to do so.
We scurried through the forest, catching whatever we could find - chipmunks, mice or gophers. All summer I disappeared with them in the woods or on the river, hiking, playing
Indians or cowboys. They were the most devoted creatures on earth. I still occasionally look at leftover photos of them.
It was a good and kind time.

Artwork «Friends », Graphics at style Realism, Pencil, Height 42 cm, width 60 cm.