Streams of Life

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 40 cm, width 50 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2018
728.23 $

Description of the picture

Nowadays it is fashionable to look for a state of flow, when you do everything lightly, as if by itself, as if there was an inexhaustible source of energy inside you. During this period we achieve our best results.
In addition, various streams of life surround us every day. This is especially noticeable in an urban environment. Flows of cars, roads, rivers, people... Everything is moving somewhere. And each life from this stream is in its own balance.The pandemic has taught us to reset ourselves and be in our inner world. We are increasingly turning to our Self.
Previously, a person survived in the forest, today - in the city. And this protection is no longer physical, but mental. Harmony inside, harmony outside. This picture reminds me of the unity of the rhythms of the metropolis, nature and man.

Artwork «Streams of Life», Painting at style Realism, Oil, Height 40 cm, width 50 cm.