Angel looking at the stars

Height 23 cm, width 10 cm, глубина 13 cm
Year of creation: 2023

Description of the artwork

Ceramic candle holder «Angel watching the stars». The candlestick reflects the story of a guardian Angel who is on earth to protect people and dreams of the stars. Height 23 cm. length 13 cm. width 10 cm. A wonderful decoration for the house, if you want to make it cozy and unusual. The candlestick is hand-sculpted from thin layers of red Gzhel clay, hand-painted with ceramic paints, covered with transparent borosilicate glaze and fired at a temperature of 950 degrees. The product is not afraid of water and detergents, does not burn out. The only thing that needs to be protected from falling and strong blows.

Artwork «Angel looking at the stars», Sculpture at style Modern, Easel, Height 23 cm, width 10 cm, глубина 13 cm.