Canvas on a stretcher
Height 120 cm, width 100 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2018

Description of the picture

Escapism (eng. escape - «escape, escape») - avoiding the unpleasant, boring in life; departure from everyday reality into other existence, other reality, other world; escape from reality.

Escapism is not a disease. Freud considered escapism to be an integral part of human life. In moderation, it can help relieve stress.
Writer John Tolkien wrote that escapism is closely related to the imagination and considered this phenomenon as a purely positive one, giving comfort and satisfaction. Tolkiens friend Clive Lewis, agreeing with him, added that they usually «escape» from prison, which is commonplace for creative people.

But in its extreme form, it is dangerous because it slows down the development of the individual, because when there is no desire to overcome difficulties, there is no tempering of character, longing arises, the result of which is an attempt to live a fake life.

Artwork «Escapism», Painting at style Expressionism, Oil, Height 120 cm, width 100 cm.