Canvas on a stretcher
Height 30 cm, width 30 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2023
247.60 $

Description of the picture

Small square original oil painting on canvas stretched on a stretcher «Sailors». Written based on an old photograph of the early 20th century.
Two children, a boy and a girl in sailor suits, stand on the seashore with a net in which a fish sits. And in the sea, the little mermaid waves her hand to the children.
A naive touching story about childhood friendship.
The painting exists in a single copy. Not framed. At the request of the buyer, I can pick up a suitable frame for an additional fee.
The picture can be a unique valuable gift for children or elderly parents or a teacher, any person who is not indifferent to history and love for fine arts.
As a gift, a set of my authors postcards is attached to the picture.

Artwork «Sailors», Painting at style Naive Art, Oil, Height 30 cm, width 30 cm.