Madi Sinrian

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 40 cm, width 40 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2017

Description of the picture

Stunning exotic beauty, sensuality, tenderness, submission and passion, beating over the edge of this picture, awaken in you the primordial sexual energy ... A wonderful solution for a variety of options for both home interiors and interiors of the beauty industry.
When painting the picture, about 10 layers were made - lapping and pasty, using a palette knife, including a «dead layer», thanks to this the picture reflects and refracts light.
This painting is exclusive and rare, so it can fit only into the appropriate interior.
The canvas is very high-quality and lively.
Oil paintings have a colossal life span, it is an investment for many years and generations.
Remember that the live picture looks much more spectacular.
If desired, the painting can be framed in a baguette.
It is possible to create a high-quality reproduction on a natural canvas.

Artwork «Madi Sinrian», Painting at style Impressionism, Oil, Height 40 cm, width 40 cm.