Bullfinches in a magical forest. Right part

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 100 cm, width 110 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2022
3 349.84 $

Description of the picture

Bullfinches in a magical forest like red Christmas balls decorate any tree and create a holiday and expectation of happiness in the soul.
The complete picture consists of two canvases 100x110 cm each. Thus, the total size of the picture is 100x220 cm.. Canvases, if desired, can be exhibited separately from each other as independent compositions. In this case, the right part of the composition is presented separately (100x110 cm.).

Artwork «Bullfinches in a magical forest. Right part», Painting at style Abstractionism, Oil, Height 100 cm, width 110 cm.
Dmitriy Belyy
Dmitriy Belyy
25 October 2022, 10:03
Отличная картина для современного интерьера. Оригинальная, яркая и очень жизнерадостная.
Marina Privatnaya
Marina Privatnaya
27 October 2022, 10:04
Какие чудесные снегири получились. Действительно, в солнечный зимний день радостное настроение горит красным)
Svetlana Kudryashova
Svetlana Kudryashova
17 April 2024, 14:14
Какая сильная энергетика в работе!