Height 45 cm, width 50 cm, глубина 32 cm
Year of creation: 2009
9 027.38 $

Description of the artwork

Grandchildren 2009 year BRONZA 45X43X32cm 8500$
it is a painted plaster sculpture. If there are those who want to buy this sculpture,
I can cast a sculpture from bronze within one month and send it to any melancholy
in the world. We can discuss the color of bronze with the buyer at his discretion.

Artwork «Grandchildren», Sculpture at style Modern, Round, Height 45 cm, width 50 cm, глубина 32 cm.
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Nikita Maksimov
Nikita Maksimov
18 March 2018, 16:49
Ух ты!) Ребятишки хулиганят. Вот бы сейчас попрыгать на кровати. Увы это сказочное время давно прошло.