Still Life with Triptych service

Height 45.7 cm, width 136 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2019
Sold 275.27 $
You can order the author to create a copy of the picture.

Description of the picture

«Teco Cote». This is a strong tea in which light coffee is brewed, hence the name Te from Tea, Co from Coffee, after slow cooling, a little mustard honey is added to the drink. The drink is served in special triangular thick-walled ceramic mugs. The triangular shape symbolizes the three main components of the drink - Tea, Coffee and Honey, in addition, this design allows you to arrange 6 mugs of the service in a regular hexagon. Cote is a type of drink where the main component is coffee, which is brewed with tea, after which lactose-free cream is added. Co from Coffee, Te from Tea, the result is Cote. Three components - Coffee, Tea and Cream. Mugs for Cote are blue, for Teko - red. So a series of still lifes with elements for these drinks was born.

Artwork «Still Life with Triptych service», Painting at style Modern, Acrylic, Height 45.7 cm, width 136 cm.