Habitat of natural forms 2

Mixed (combined) painting technique
Canvas on a stretcher
Height 70 cm, width 70 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2021

Description of the picture

In this work, Olga shows all her complete bodily experience that she has after spending a long time connecting with nature and its elements such as the earth (sand, stones, trees), water (waves, drops of the sea) , the air (the wind, the clouds). All these elements are part of the earthly mandala with all its strength, energy and peace. It is an essence of physical sensations that could help anyone to rediscover their relationships with themselves, with nature and with the whole world.

Artwork «Habitat of natural forms 2», Painting at style Abstractionism, Mixed (combined) painting technique, Height 70 cm, width 70 cm.

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Mixed (combined) painting technique

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