A summer day. On the beach.

Height 30 cm, width 34 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2018

Description of the picture

I drew this picture standing on the bank of the river. I really like to create paintings in nature, using nature directly. I am particularly inspired by sunny landscapes. When I paint in places like this: the river, the sand, the forest, I feel happy and meaningful. Horses from the equestrian club often bathe here. after I finished the sketch, a brown horse came and walked gracefully on the water.
I wanted to convey the emotions of this bright sunny day. How beautifully the blue water combines with the color of the sand.

The painting is painted on art cardboard with oil paints and covered with varnish. It has the original signature on both sides.

Artwork «A summer day. On the beach.», Painting at style Impressionism, Oil, Height 30 cm, width 34 cm.