Height 103 cm, width 80 cm
Year of creation: 2019

Description of the artwork

The author's creatively stylized version of the sculpture is made of innovative Polimix material.

Art form; Sculpture Trash Art
Plot and objects; Genre scene
Style; Surrealism
Material; Polymix
Colour; Gold-patina
Height; 103 cm
Length; 164 cm
Width; 80 cm
Weight; 20 kg
Manufacturing date; Dec 2019

Rickshaw is an ancient profession that has survived to this day. The name comes from the Japanese word jinrikisha, denoted by three hieroglyphs with the meanings of man, strength, carriage. A rickshaw is, in the understanding of the Japanese, a person who pulls a carriage with passengers on him. Such transport is usually designed for one or two people. Before there were rickshaw carts, the wealthy Japanese rode a palanquin.

Artwork «SCULPTURE «RIKSHA»», Sculpture at style Impressionism, Easel, Height 103 cm, width 80 cm.
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Aleksandr Kozar
Aleksandr Kozar
21 December 2020, 17:14
Реальность картины такова: Руки жизненно показаны. Кто видел вживую работающего рикшу, тот сразу поймет что это реальность.