Dark Warrior

Height 102 cm, width 31 cm, глубина 31 cm
Year of creation: 2020

Description of the artwork

Most of my work is an improvisation. I try not to 'look ahead' and watch the process of birth of a new work as if from a distance. For me is more exciting than waiting for a known result. In this work I also did not know what awaited me in the end and watched the situation.

Dark Warrior is made of oak block from the construction site of the historical copy of the flagship line ship 'Poltava'. From the ancient times ship oak was considered to be a very valuable material and was prepared with special care. Moreover, everybody knows that oak is very tough wood that has strong masculine character. Maybe, that's why the billet turned out to be such a formidable face.

In this case, I used the wood firing technology to give it a homogeneous shade. After that, the sculpture was covered with a special composition based on linseed oil to protect it from external factors.

Artwork «Dark Warrior», Sculpture at style Symbolism, Monumental, Height 102 cm, width 31 cm, глубина 31 cm.

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Vadim Vlasov
Vadim Vlasov
30 September 2020, 09:25
Смотрится необычно, настоящий кусочек истории! Интересная техника обработки дуба, результат того стоит!
Konstantin Andreev
Konstantin Andreev
30 September 2020, 12:06
Вадим, спасибо!