And the little clock is laughing..

Height 67 cm, width 28 cm
Presence of frame: yes
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2020

Description of the picture

The ducks were flying East,
And shat on top of people,
And a sprout sprouted from the ground
With a Slavic name-Korney.

He became every hour
Just a little stronger.
And he drank only kvass
From Borodino crackers.

It was strengthened as a regime
And the sun ate like a crocodile, and the blue-nosed friend Vadim
I wandered the streets alone.

And the sprout was already a flower,
With a face like a salad
And passed a current through the body,
Like Inquisition soldiers.

But the whirl of empty planets
Sharpened the life inside the flower.
It's all dried up like that portrait,
He died like a sausage.

Such a cosmic lesson
For all space animals
Birds were flying East
And they shat on top of people.

Artwork «And the little clock is laughing..», Painting at style Naive Art, Acrylic, Height 67 cm, width 28 cm.