Rodeo 2

Height 20 cm, width 20 cm, глубина 17 cm
Year of creation: 2005

Description of the artwork

Rodeo 2
The clash of two forces, reason and dexterity, against strength and dexterity. A lot is known about human powers. An unexpected surprise for the viewer of this exciting duel is the agility of the bull. The feeling of his jumps suggests that the armored car has mastered the aerobatics. The danger of this fun makes the viewer feel that he is watching the finale of an exciting drama. The fragility and power of man, the indomitable power of a bull. All this was transferred in his series of works «Rodeo» to the sculptor Ksenia Balashova.

Artwork «Rodeo 2», Sculpture at style Impressionism, Round, Height 20 cm, width 20 cm, глубина 17 cm.
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Olga Yakusheva
Olga Yakusheva
03 October 2020, 14:13
Вот это динамика и напор! Мне нравится, что для скульптуры выбрано противостояние человека и быка. Как будто две противоположности, вступили в бой, который длиться веками. Сильное впечатление!