Hike to don . 1380 .

Canvas on a stretcher
Height 150 cm, width 200 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2016

Description of the picture

Dmitry decided to forestall the enemy and defeat the main forces of the Tatars. On August 26, the Russian army marched from Kolomna, two days later the troops crossed the Oka river. On September 5, Russian cavalry arrived at the mouth of the Nepryadva river, at its confluence with the don, and by September 7, infantry also arrived. Mamai on September 5 was three marches South of the mouth of the Nepryadva, Jagiello was about the same distance, but to the West. Russian Russians were approaching, and Mamai sped up his movement in the hope of preventing the Russians from crossing the don before yagaila arrived.

Artwork «Hike to don . 1380 .», Painting at style Realism, Oil, Height 150 cm, width 200 cm.
Nikolay Kozakov
Nikolay Kozakov
28 September 2020, 10:05
Мне нравится, как передана атмосфера военного похода. Как будто погружаешься во времена былинных богатырей!
Susanna Ablyazizova
Susanna Ablyazizova
26 November 2023, 19:19
Очень красивая картина! Мне нравится, как автор передал то время и атмосферу! Настоящий талант!