Forest under water

Height 40 cm, width 50 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2018

Description of the picture

Dear viewer, you are witnessing extraordinary changes. Everything changes, until recently, being in this very place, you watched a snowy, dormant forest, but with the onset of spring everything came to life and gained momentum. The rivers, having thrown off the icy chains, rushed forward, flooding and agitating the forest. Like ice crystals and thin silver threads - the forest flickers under the rays of morning light, acquiring and shimmering from light to color. And this burning game of nature awakens life not only in the forest, but also in you, breathing in you a feeling of lightness in all your endeavors and spring mood.

Artwork «Forest under water», Painting at style Expressionism, Tempera, Height 40 cm, width 50 cm.

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Ivan Serenko
Ivan Serenko
02 October 2020, 01:12
Удивительная картина, от которой невозможно отвести взгляд. Она нежная и веет от неё какой-то свежестью и чистотой, как от чисто вымытых весенним дождём деревьев. Мне очень нравится техника автора картины, она словно передаёт атмосферу весеннего настроения.
Armina Danielyan
Armina Danielyan
02 October 2020, 06:37
Доброго утра. Благодарю! Очень приятно читать ваше мнение, и особенно, приятно знать о ваших эмоциях.