Musical evening

Height 38 cm, width 37 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2015

Description of the picture

The painting was painted from nature, in the style of abstract impressionism. The sketch was painted from nature in the museum-estate of the great Russian composer S.V. Rachmaninov Ivanovka. The painting depicts the reflection of the estate's trees in the water. At night, toads hidden in the water begin their serenades in this pond. Their singing is like organ music. Also, their sounds have a strong effect on a person, hypnotize like the music of sirens calling to enter the water. In the museum of the estate of SV, Rachmaninoff sings and plays music.

Artwork «Musical evening», Painting at style Abstractionism, Oil, Height 38 cm, width 37 cm.