Before to storm

Mixed (combined) painting technique
Height 39 cm, width 45 cm
Presence of frame: no
Having a mat: no
Year of creation: 2020
141.12 $

Description of the picture

The cycle of paintings «Portal of memory»
The painting «Barefoot through the puddles»

The fragrance is impossible to see, but imaginable. Smells always cause a storm of emotions in me, and teleport to memories associated with a certain moment of life. Smells like beacons of memory to which you can return. The cycle of paintings «Portal of memory» is a picturesque fragrance that creates a temporary portal. With the help of these portals, you can return again to that moment in life where those fond memories live. Only through art can this moment be transmitted and captured in eternity.

There are no analogues of the picture. The whole process of creating a work, like my other paintings, including the production of a stretcher, stretching the canvas, sizing and priming, is carried out by me personally. The painting is made in the author's technique, organically fits into the home interior and interior of a cafe, restaurant and will become an ornament of a private collection.
Delivery in Russia and the world by a transport company. I am very sensitive to my work, carefully pack the paintings so that they are delivered in integrity and safety. For purchase and delivery of the picture, specify in the messages.

Artwork «Before to storm », Painting at style Abstractionism, Mixed (combined) painting technique, Height 39 cm, width 45 cm.

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